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Threaded Armor, But Not For Knights

Style May 22, 2022
We believe life should be easy, AND it shouldn't cost so much!

Threaded Armor is a purveyor of adult cloth diapers that naturally pull on/pull off. Boasting waterproof gussets on both sides and top-end gussets for the front and back, these are perfect for both day and nightwear. And don’t worry about positioning; with two ultra-light ribbons adorn with snaps positioned in both the front and back, your insert is securely held in place. It allows for more peace of mind for those actively moving. With various prints across three styles, you can genuinely feel like it’s made with you in mind.

A pair of their classic Navy Protective Briefs.

Now, this article may come off as an advertisement for the company; it’s all from personal experience. I own four pairs of Threaded Armor’s Protective Briefs that all came with their own diaper pad sets and three regular Soaker Bomb inserts. (The Soaker Bombs came free when I got a three-pack which is standard when purchasing either the 3 or 5 pack.) These allow me to not heavily rely on the recurring cost of disposable diapers for my incontinence issues. Whether it’s wearing to go to the store, on a trip out of town, or to go to sleep, I have the confidence in knowing my protection is tailored with discretion and protection.

But they didn’t get their start in the adult diaper industry. Threaded Armor is the adult version of Super Undies, a sustainable cloth diaper company that caters to the world of incontinence through a range of products. These include potty training, bedwetting, and daily protection briefs for all ages. Starting in 2008, they believe that incontinence should be easy to manage while not breaking the bank to help normalize life. Don’t just take my word for it; check out this quote from the Super Undies site that shows their stance on cloth versus disposables.

We believe that you shouldn't be trapped in the never-ending cost of disposables. If diapers are a way of life, then we need to bring it with epic, strong products that allow a person to feel confident that this cloth can work. This cloth does work.

Threaded Armor came about after a friend of Laura Woj (creator of Super Undies) was struck with incontinence, so she went to work. Using her knowledge from Super Undies and trim effective materials, she designed a discreet yet effective cloth diaper for adults. Not only do they have the look of standard briefs with the absorbency of a diaper they are also easy to change! Just go to a private area, pull down those undies and swap the diaper pad by unsnapping it. You read that right; Threaded Armor’s inserts aren’t stuffed into a pocket but attached with snaps as a diaper pad. As I mentioned earlier, each pair of Threaded Armor has two ultra-light ribbons with snaps located in both the front and back, ready to grab hold of a diaper pad’s snaps.

Examples of the inserts provided by them.

These diaper pads come with a snap-in insert, a built-in pocket, and a Step-Up insert. The Protective Briefs (designed for daytime and nighttime) with a diaper pad insert holds 520 ml for the small and climbs up to 850 ml for extra-large, all before adding any additional absorbency. They offer extra absorbency with inserts they sell separately, including the Step-Up insert and their Soaker Bomb that comes in Regular and XL to give better protection when needed. It all sits perfectly, either tucked away in the pocket of the snap-in insert or laid right underneath, allowing for reassurance that nothing will move out of place. I’m looking at you fellow side sleepers; these honestly give you a sense of peace knowing you’re protected. And did I forget to mention you can say goodbye to plastic pants as the entire shell is waterproof!

Here are my undies with one already fitted with inserts. Can you guess which one it is?

‘But what about the prints?’ Their unique prints range from simple colors to AB/DL-styled prints. At Threaded Armor, they believe in inclusiveness with a community that wears casually or for medical purposes, making them a perfect choice for a Little in public. All their prints come in sizes small-3x, with sizes based on height/weight or height/pants size to make sure they fit just right. This is why I love them even more; they don’t just make a one-size-fits-cloth diaper and call it a day! It fits just like regular underwear but with a small pillow on your butt.

From the ultra-light ribbons holding everything in place to the pull-on design to help create more support at the waist, you’ll feel more confident that it can keep up with you with each wear. For more information on Threaded Armor, I highly recommend going to the FAQ section, where you’ll find all the answers to your questions, including videos created by Laura Woj explaining the products and how to use them. These might be right down your avenue if you ever considered switching to cloth diapers.

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