Pink slime being held while swirled.

Arts & Crafts: Summer of Slime

Activities Jul 16, 2022

Over this past new year, I got obsessed with the hypnotic fun of making and playing with slime. It’s squishy, it’s stretchy, and it’s great to sit and fidget with while you watch cartoons. While there are many different slime shops online, and even larger companies in the toy and craft space  like Crayola and Elmer’s have come out with their own lines of pre-made slime to play with, I think half of the fun is making your own little slime buddy! I love mixing the colors together and watching the vibrant hues come to life in front of me. So! I figured I might as well share my love of slime making with all of the babes for the summer! What could be better than chilling by the pool- in a swim diaper of course- and playing with your new stretchy slime in the warm sun? Wait, did the sun warm your diaper too? Uh oh, it might be change time.

Most slimes will call simply for glue, baking soda, contact solution, and something for color. But I discovered an Elmer’s product called “Elmer’s Magical Liquid” that you can use in place of baking soda and contact solution, making it a little easier. So for my article, I’ll be using and talking about the Magical Liquid. If you would like to use baking soda and contact solution, please double check the amount you’ll need online first.

Before I jump into the steps, I just want to give you a list of the supplies you’re going to need on hand. You can use any type of glue, but because I’ve already mentioned the “Elmer’s Magical Liquid”, I’m just going to name drop and use Elmer’s across the board here. They have not paid me. But I’m not opposed to it. Anyway you’ll need:

A gallon of Elmer's Washable School Glue.

-Elmer’s Washable School Glue. I’d say go with the gallon size bottle. It’s better to have more leftover, rather than not enough.

A small advertisement showing Elmer's Magical Liquid for making slime.

-Elmer’s Magical Liquid. As I’ve already mentioned, Elmer’s replacement for Baking Soda and Contact Solution that you can find at the store or online.

-A large glass bowl. Or something to mix your slime in. I would recommend a large glass mixing bowl.

-Food coloring. To change the color of your slime.

-Glitter. To make it sparkly. For your slime to be as glittery as you want (I’m projecting on you with that, as glittery as I want-) you’ll need 2-4oz of glitter. It takes a lot.

-A glass Tupperware. To store your slime inside of. A plastic gallon size bag would work as well, but a Tupperware would keep it fresh for longer. Most of my slimes fit into a 2-cup size container.

Now for the process!

  1. Pour your glue into the large glass bowl. Not all of it though! About 2 cups worth. But have fun! There's absolutely a sick joy to be had by watching your caregiver’s face twist into fear as you freely pour glue into a bowl.
  2. Mix in Elmer’s magical liquid until happy with consistency. They say add about 2 teaspoons per 6oz. I say just use as much as needed, until your glue/slime is no longer sticky or liquidy. You’ll know what consistency feels best for you. Also you can mix with a spoon, but it’s a lot more fun to just use your hands! But if you’re not sure about sticking your hands into a bowl of glue (you don’t trust me?!), or if you’re not into sticky things (I can understand that), then make sure to pick up some latex gloves to help with the mixing.
  3. Mix in desired color and glitter. Get your food coloring and your glitter, because it’s time to fold that in. Just fold it in. I can’t help you if you don’t know how to fold it in. (Just kidding). But it is that simple! Like I said, you’ll probably be using 2-4oz of glitter to get the right shine. For colors, look up how to make the specific color you want using food coloring online, sometimes an unexpected drop of orange will make a shade of purple just right. You can also find other things to mix in, like luster dust, which will make your slime look metallic!
  4. Play! This should be self explanatory to a baby. Stretch it. Squish it. Bop it.
  5. Store in a Tupperware. Or a plastic bag, but something to keep your creation fresh so you can get it back out to play with in times when you need something to fidget with. And make sure to wash your hands!

A great summer themed slime I saw recently was a watermelon one that was hot pink, with green glitter, and little black beads to look like watermelon seeds! But feel free to make your slime in any color you like. Most of mine end up pink, purple, or blue, because those are my favorite colors. If you follow along with these instructions and make your own slime, we’d love to see it! Please send pictures of your slime creations to us on Instagram or Twitter ( @playtymeco )! And as always, thanks so much for being a PlayZine reader and we hope you have fun crafting. From all of us at PlayTyme, happy Summer!