Please welcome Pup Maxim, our new Marketing Manager!

News Oct 26, 2022
Waves excitedly

Hi everyone!!! My name is Pup Maxim (yeah, you can call me Max for short if you’d like!). I am extremely happy to meet you and introduce myself as the new Marketing Manager for PlayTyme. 🥳

Who am I, and what do I do?

Moving forward, I will be orchestrating (that’s a tough word!) marketing efforts for PlayTyme and building upon the foundations we already have. You may notice slight changes in the way we send out some of our emails, tweaks to our social media, etc. Don’t worry though - The Playzine, Newsie’s Nook, and The Big Top aren’t going anywhere! nod nod You’ll also start noticing more content from me alongside our current community support. 😄 Perhaps one of the most exciting things in the works for the next year is the prospect of attending/sponsoring/vending at in-person events! (No worries, I’ll let you know when we have plans in the works. 😜)

There are plenty of exciting surprises in store coming in the following months and years, so make sure to follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter if you haven’t already! (Links below.)



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The Fun Stuff

Now then - a little about me! As you might have gathered from the photo at the beginning of this introduction, I am a Puppy Player! I have been an active part of the kink community for about 8 years now and a puppy for the last 6 or 7. 🐶 I’m also an ageplayer as of about 5 years ago but have only been active in the community for about 1. I gotta say - the amazing support that comes out of the kink communities is astounding. I am also a long-time member of the furry community and have been involved in various capacities over the last 10 years or so.

I mentioned above that we are currently putting together a community calendar of events that we will be attending, vending at, and/or sponsoring. Come say hi and show off your PlayTyme gear if you see us! In addition, I attend furry conventions regularly, so if ya see me, just introduce yourself! That’s just about it for now - I shouldn’t drone on too much longer because I personally know that kiddos don’t have the best attention span. Once again, I am excited to be here and look forward to serving you, the reader, and the kink community right alongside the rest of the team here at PlayTyme!

Crinkles and Wags,

Pup Maxim 🧷🐶