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PlayZine Aug 14, 2022

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Hey there,

Welcome back to your bi-weekly round-up of all things that reside in the PlayTyme universe. We've got one heck of a kinky-filled issue with every article focusing on kink as a whole.  But I want to start off with an update from My Inner Baby. As stated on their social media channels they are being forced to close the doors to the physical shop or face massive fines. You can still support them by shopping through their website or by donating directly to their GoFundMe. For all the latest news regarding them check out the link here.

Now onto brighter happening of the past weeks. We recently dropped the trailer for the newest podcast, The Big Top. This will entail discussions on niche kinks and paraphilias. As well as diving into the deep end of self-acceptance you can experience with them. All created by the ever so talented Barney who's the main feature of this issue. You can check out The Big Top trailer below.

As for articles I personally put out the first in a multi-part series focusing on kinks in daily life. This was created with the help of volunteers who participated in a questionnaire relating to the topic. But the real meat and potatoes of this issue come from Barney himself. He's created a world in which kinks and Pokemon are combined to give you a look into how a mature version of the game could be made. If that doesn't get you going then check out his other article detailing clothing control and how giving up closet privileges can melt you like butter.

But that's all from us, we hope you're staying hydrated and healthy.

Stay Shining Bright,


PlayTyme Editor-in-Chief


Kinkymon: Gotta Dom ‘em All!

Written by Barney

A brief look at what a kinky version of Pokémon might be like!


Kinks In Day-To-Day: Part 1

Written by Casey

Part 1 in the Kinks In Day-To-Day series where we dive into why we like to mix it up a little daily. In this part, we discuss the foundation of the questionnaire and the basics of dealing with this subject.

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BDSM in Popular Culture

Written by Barney

BDSM has permeated the zeitgeist. But how true to life are its depictions in modern media?


Clothing Control

Written by Barney

Looking for a new, fun, quirky kink to try? Give clothing control a go!

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ABDL in New York Post Article Speaks Out feat. MarshmellowKittyKat | Newsie’s Nook Ep. 51

This week Newsie sits down with MarshmellowKittyKat who was featured in a New York Post article to get her side of the story.


The Big Top Trailer | The Big Top

The Big Top aims to discuss niche kinks and paraphilias with levity, covering all of the wonderful weirdness in the world of fetish and how we can all learn to accept ourselves for who we are, hosted by Barney AKA The Muckle Stoater. Tune in on Tuesday the 16th August for the first two episodes!

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PlayTyme Gang: Skye

Written by Pup Amour and Casey

A small sandcastle with a little red flag on top.

Learn all about another member of the PlayTyme Gang: Skye the Pup!


Where's Kinky?

Created by Barney


Casey Ferrer

Husband, father, kinkster, Editor-in-Chief, and Head of Operations for PlayTyme; these are just a few badges I wear on my vest. I'm always looking out for thrilling things to experience in my life!