🏰Sandcastles, Zoo Day, and Games a Plenty

PlayZine Aug 1, 2022

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How's it going? Have you been good and staying hydrated? We sure hope so because we sure have. Being the hottest Summer on record is no laughing matter and be accompanied with health concerns. If you're feeling severely dehydrated drink more fluids and either apply a cold compress to your face or take an ice bath to cool down. But let's hope it doesn't get to all that.

To sum up the past week we've got activities galore to enjoy before Summer is officially over come September 22nd. Not only that but we decided to create a separate tag for all our activities and games to help you find them all. You can check all our games created by Barney over here.

This is a light issue of our newsletter but don't worry as we have several larger articles in the work that I know you'll enjoy. But that's all from us at PlayTyme and we hope you have a great start for August!

Stay Shining Bright,


PlayTyme Editor-in-Chief


Arts & Crafts: Sunny Sandcastles

Written by Pup Faun

A small sandcastle with a little red flag on top.

Arts & Crafts: A guide for building your best sandcastle!


PlayTyme Gang: Skip

Written by Pup Amour and Casey

A small sandcastle with a little red flag on top.

Learn all about another member of the PlayTyme Gang: Skip the Otter!

Close up of a NorthShore MegaMax on someone in a field.

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"Zoo Day": Chapter 2

Written by Pup Faun

An enclosure at the zoo with the title Zoo Day: a fictional ABDL story displayed across.

Chapter 2 of our fictional ABDL story about a trip to the Zoo!

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Guilty of Sexual Ableism: Kink & Disabilities | Newsie’s Nook Ep.

This week Newsie sits down with LA Pup 2020-21 Pup Star Orion to talk about his recent interview called "You are guilty of sexual ableism." This is timely topic since July is Disability Pride Month.

A collage of KinkyDreamzzz custom diapers boasting prints from actual baby diapers.

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Kink Crossword

Created by Barney


Casey Ferrer

Husband, father, kinkster, Editor-in-Chief, and Head of Operations for PlayTyme; these are just a few badges I wear on my vest. I'm always looking out for thrilling things to experience in my life!