A display of rash cream, cotton pads and swabs, with baby powder spilled out with PlayZine Newsletter Issue 3 above.

🧷Skincare with the team, sending in the clowns, reviews & much more

PlayZine Jun 19, 2022

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Welcome back to another issue of PlayZine! First things first; how've you been recently? I know, it's a bit weird for me to ask through a disembodied voice in your head that comes around whenever you read. But someone needs to ask and I have no problem with it being me.

We got some exciting stuff to share with you this go around with an official introduction to the first of 5 members of the PlayTyme Gang. This is a diverse cast of characters that we personally believe you will love and hope to implement them in creative ways across all platforms we're on. Check out the official reveal of Billy below!

But you didn't subscribe just to see a cute drawing of a specific animal that I also happen to be obsessed with. Barney and Pup Faun are at it again bringing you reviews, deep dives, and activities to fill your day. I've had the Spot the Difference for a couple of days now and still haven't finished it. The Turning Red review will have you cheering and crying as if it's the first time you've watched the movie all over again. Truly these two are a blessing for this community.

For those who don't know we at PlayTyme do more than just this newsletter and our shop. Our team puts their all into each project they work on. From the post on our socials to the quality of our podcasts and articles; we aim to create social engagement points for you to be you. From us to you stay amazing, and we hope to see you next time.



PlayTyme Editor-in-Chief


Diapered Skincare with the PlayTyme Team

Written by Zevion

A display of rash cream, cotton pads and swabs, with baby powder spilled out.

We asked the PlayTyme Team, what’re some steps you take to ensure your skincare is on point when getting padded?


Movie Review: Turning Red

Written by Pup Faun

A picture showing Mei standing in front of her as a red panda both smiling wide with their hands on their hips.

A breakdown and review of Disney's Turning Red by Pup Faun. Where he talks about the deeper connections to real life that the movie helps portray.

Close up picture of NorthShore's MegaMax white diaper on a person in a field.

SPONSORED | NorthShore Care NorthShore has a large variety of adult diapers, pull-on underwear, diaper covers, and other accessories available in fun colors and prints. Be sure to check out their MEGAMAX tab-style briefs, which offer up to 12-hour capacity for all-day or all-night coverage.


Send in the (Kinky) Clowns

Written by Barney

Barney with clown make-up, leather harness, big red nose and a propeller hat.

An exploration into the cultural origins of clowning and how they relate to kink, as well as what media influenced my sexual development, in response to the latest episode of the Fetish Fuel podcast!


NorthShore: Wipes and Disposable Bags Product Review

Written by Pup Faun

NorthShore logo with their slogan "Be Dry. Be Confident. Be You.

Pup Faun does a product review of the NorthShore wipes and disposal bags.

A collage of KinkyDreamzzz custom diapers boasting prints from actual baby diapers.

SPONSORED | KinkyDreamzzz Have you ever wanted to complete that Little look with authentic diaper prints? Then KinkyDreamzzz is the place to shop! With their custom diapers ranging from Small to Extra Large  and their years of experience, you're guaranteed to feel super adorable and comfortable. That's because they use high absorbency diapers to allow you to get the most out of each wear.


For the Love of Hypnosis feat. Daddy J & Little Kenny | Newsie’s Nook Ep. 43

Newsie's Nook logo

This week Newsie is joined by Daddy J and his boy Little Kenny to talk about hypnosis, the misconceptions, and how hypnosis has helped their relationship.


PlayTyme Gang: Billy

Created by Pup Amour & Casey

A close-up of Billy the Duck from the PlayTyme Gang

Four people wearing pup hoods and PlayTyme tees.

SPONSORED | PlayTyme Shop Take kink lifestyle beyond the bedroom with PlayTyme and browse our selection of apparel, shoes, pacifiers, and accessories. Our designs are inspired by various aspects of kink culture, allowing you to express yourself in everyday life. Embrace your headspace and build the wardrobe of your dreams with PlayTyme.


Spot the Difference

Created by Barney

A spot the difference image.


Casey Ferrer

Husband, father, kinkster, Editor-in-Chief, and Head of Operations for PlayTyme; these are just a few badges I wear on my vest. I'm always looking out for thrilling things to experience in my life!