🎃Spooky, Spoopy, & Frogs?

PlayZine Oct 30, 2022

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Did I scare you? Hopefully, not too much, but just enough to get you into the Halloween season. It's spooky time and we demand candy! Wait a second; they don't start giving out candy until dark. Guess you'll need something to do until then, huh? How about you plant the rump next to your jack-o-lantern so you can read our articles and listen to our podcasts while munching some candy corn. Oh boy, do I love candy corn.

So what do we have for you to prevent you from staring longingly out your window, waiting for the paradise of darkness to arrive? Let's start with Pup Faun's spooky movie suggestion; so you can find the perfect films to watch as you devour your sweets like it's your last meal. While on the subject of spooky might I suggest Fear, Sadism and Pushing My Boundaries by our residential clown Barney? It may not be the same fear as peeing yourself after a grown man lunged at you in the dark of your local haunted house, but it still shows our simplest emotions can be used in play.

Now, if you're my wife, you'd say this week's episode of The Big Top has a super scary title, Rubbery, Squishy Anthrophilic Gear-o-rama! feat. Rapido Frog. (She's deathly afraid of frogs and toads, not the kink.) For those who are brave and fear nothing, I got just the thing for you. How about a discussion on telling your parents about your involvement in ABDL? Dehner Lee and his mother join Newsie to discuss their relationship and why he told his mom about his kink. Dehner is brave for sharing this piece of his life with his mother.

That's all from us at PlayTyme for now, we look forward to seeing you after you've gone through the obvious sugar withdraws from eating too much candy. We don't want to deal with the sugar rush anyways. Have a spooky Halloween and stay safe!

Keep shining bright,


PlayTyme Editor-in-Chief


A Little Halloween List

Written by Pup Faun

A list of fun Halloween movies to watch with your ABDL friends!


Fear, Sadism and Pushing My Boundaries

Written by Barney

An analysis of my journey into the world of fetish thus far and a prospective glance over what drives these desires, as well as a look at the road ahead.

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Spooky Snacks: Baked Pumpkin Seeds!

Written by Pup Faun

A fun, baked Fall snack!

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Rubbery, Squishy Anthrophilic Gear-o-rama! feat. Rapido Frog | The Big Top Ep. 112


Barney sits down with Rapido to talk about his journey becoming a giant rubber frog. They discuss his origins as a furry, his gear collection and talk candidly about the furry community at large.


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Mom, I am an ABDL! feat. Dehner Lee and his Mom | Newsie’s Nook Ep. 62


This week Newsie goes over THAT TikTok video and discusses when it is appropriate when to wear little clothes in public. Then he sits down with The Diaper Dynamo to talk about his content, being an authentic content creator, and censorship!


Activities To Keep You Busy

Created By Barney



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