🧷Diaper Changes, Controversy, and Queer Pokemon

PlayZine Oct 16, 2022

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You read that title right; not only are we going to show you how to diaper yourself, but Newsie will discuss the TikTok video that surfaced recently. For those not mesmerized by the blissful padding check out Barney's deep dive into the Fairy-type Pokemon, where he rates them based on Queerness. It's both what you expect and also something you never knew you needed in your life. Gee whiz, is this a good PlayZine for all!

You said something about a diaper TikTok video?

Yes, yes, I did. Recently a video surfaced of a young fella dressed in ABDL gear at a public playground with kids around. Newsie breaks it down and goes the extra step to look a little deeper into what was going on that day. While on the topic of Newsie's Nook, Newsie also brought on Diaper Dynamo, who recently launched his new diaper powder, to discuss all things Dynamo.  Meanwhile, over at the PlayTyme circus, The Big Top brought on the exquisite artist Rob Clarke to discuss how his imagery captured Barney's mind with clowns, monkeyboys, and so much more. Maybe you've already listened to both of these episodes and are craving some content with your eyes and not ears.

You ask, and we shall provide you with a menagerie of articles to explore not only on our site but below. Such as learning to diaper yourself by Pup Faun, which is not only a great guide for Littles and DLs but the bigs and caregivers who want to encourage those they care for to have the skills required not to ruin furniture. Then discover a fall-time treat you can't resist and use those pumpkin guts from jack-o'-lanterns, BAKED PUMPKIN SEEDS! Currently making some myself. Need something to read while they toast and roast? How about checking out Barney's queer scale for Fairy Pokemon? It's a fair assessment of how much each slays.

To close things out, I've put a link to our activities section below, feel free to bookmark it. This catalog of activities is fully designed by Barney and available at any time. Don't forget to check out our social media pages this week as we announce each PlayTyme Gang character leading up to a secret reveal. And as always, stay gorgeous, hydrated, and kind.

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Diapering Up (By Yourself!)

Written by Austin

A guide to diapering yourself, both at home and out in the world.


Who’s That Queer Pokémon?

Written by Barney

Barney goes mad and starts rating Pokémon by their queerness. Enjoy!

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Spooky Snacks: Baked Pumpkin Seeds!

Written by Pup Faun

A fun, baked Fall snack!

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Clown Imagery feat. Rob Clarke | The Big Top Ep. 110


This week, Barney gets to sit down with artist Rob Clarke, whose beautifully perverted drawings have long captured his imagination and inspired much of his own work. Everything from clowns to monkeyboys gets discussed as they talk about kink in the world of art.


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Discussing THAT TikTok Video & Diving Deep into The Diaper Dynamo's content | Newsie’s Nook Ep. 60


This week Newsie goes over THAT TikTok video and discusses when it is appropriate when to wear little clothes in public. Then he sits down with The Diaper Dynamo to talk about his content, being an authentic content creator, and censorship!


Activities To Keep You Busy

Created By Barney



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