☕Pumpkin Spice, Folsom, and Locktober

PlayZine Oct 2, 2022

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Hey there,

Wowee, has it been a crazy past few weeks. While we knew Fall was here, we didn't expect it to start getting so chilly so fast; at least where I'm at in the SouthEast, it's already gone from 80°F to 50°F. Not to mention the ongoing situation with Hurricane Ian that devastated Puerto Rico and continued its rage up the coast of mainland USA. If you're located in an area that was hit we hope your family, pets, and you are doing alright. For those that would like to help those hit by Ian, which includes people in our communities, feel free to donate to American Red Cross.

Now let's uplift your spirit with the happening of PlayTyme, shall we? Since we last spoke, there have been two brand-new episodes from both The Big Top and Newsie's Nook, which feature some top-tier guests. The Big Top recently had DonkeyDope on to talk about the rise of Donkeyboys and where the transformation kink stems from. In the most recent episode, linked below, he brought on Chris, who speaks openly about the narrative constructs we choose to believe about others on social media and why it's good to take a break.

Tucked over in Newsie's Nook we have Pack Canis joining in for a virtual smoke sesh from Seattle to discuss the connection between getting the devil's lettuce, kink, and their dynamic. Then, get ready for a big one from Newsie (episode for you dirty minds) as he brings on the BroSitter for the start of Locktober! Plus, he talks playdates with Pup Gauge and discusses the new Cuddle Cooperative's Fairyland diapers.

We hope you enjoy the rundown of Folsom Berlin by Barney below. Along with the Pumpkin Spice Iced Coffee recipe from our resident barista, Pup Faun, they're actually a barista! If you're wanting to join in on writing articles spanning from educative to pure fantasy click the link at the top to fill out our contributor form. From us at PlayTyme, stay absolutely radiant you gorgeous soul.

Stay Shining Bright,


PlayTyme Editor-in-Chief


FOLSOM, that’s what!

Written by Barney

Barney recounts attending Folsom Berlin last week for the very first time!


Kinks In Day-To-Day: Part 1

Written by Casey

Part 1 in the Kinks In Day-To-Day series where we dive into why we like to mix it up a little daily. In this part, we discuss the foundation of the questionnaire and the basics of dealing with this subject.

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Pumpkin Spice Iced Coffee

Written by Pup Faun

A fun Pumpkin Spice Iced Coffee recipe for the start of the season!

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Folsom, Playdates, Getting Ready for Locktober, Fairyland Diapers Extravaganza! | Newsie’s Nook Ep. 58

Jam-packed episode talking about my Folsom Experience, Bro Sitter gets us ready for Locktober, I release my conversation with my friend Pup Gauge about playdates, and then I tell you about Cuddle Cooperative's new Fairyland diapers!


Should I Be Getting Fisted? feat. Chris | The Big Top Ep. 108

In an unexpected turn, this week's guest decides to speak candidly about why he's taking a step back from social media and the importance of prioritizing one's mental health, with a reminder that what you see online isn't real. After the break, Barney and Chris touch on the importance of sexual health, sex education, and community.

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Kink Letter Wheel

Created by Barney


Casey Ferrer

Husband, father, kinkster, Editor-in-Chief, and Head of Operations for PlayTyme; these are just a few badges I wear on my vest. I'm always looking out for thrilling things to experience in my life!