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PlayZine May 22, 2022

This is a bi-weekly newsletter about kink and fetish subcultures, news, events, and media.

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It’s been a while and we hope you’re doing well! We’d like to welcome to the very first issue of PlayZine, a bi-weekly newsletter focused on kink and fetish subcultures, news, events, and media.

From our inception, PlayTyme has been defined by our community-centric approach. Our products reflect the desires of our customers, our podcasts are normalizing sex-positive conversations, and our Discord server has developed into a strong community of support, love, and fun!

We’re now taking the next step in our evolution, by launching a one-of-a-kind newsletter created BY kinksters, FOR kinksters. Every other week, we’ll bring you the latest news from kink culture, share in-depth articles on a wide range of kink or fetish-related topics, provide a list of awesome podcasts to check out, and provide information about community events around the world.

Our newly re-designed website highlights this new focus, with articles, podcasts, and a community calendar taking center stage. Our store has been moved to shop.playtyme.co, so you can still pick up some swag too! Check out the new site by clicking or tapping the button below and be sure to let us know what you think on social media!

Thank you so much for being a valued part of the PlayTyme family and it brings me such joy to know we’ve reached this point in our journey. Starting with the next issue, these introductions will be written by Casey, PlayTyme’s Community Operations Manager! Be sure to check out the next issue so you can learn more about him and how he ended up leading the PlayTyme team!



Pup Amour
CEO & Founder of PlayTyme


Threaded Armor, but not for Knights

Written by Casey

PlayTyme ambassador Joel laying on his stomach in a pair of plum Threaded Armor cloth diapers.

It’s time we talk about the elephant in the room: cloth diapers. With inflation on the rise and many kinksters looking for ways to tighten their belt, cloth diapers present a perfect way to save money on expensive disposable diaper re-stocks. Threaded Armor is the adult-focused sub-brand of cloth diaper wizard company, Super Undies. In this article, I dive deep into the story behind the brand, the products they provide, and why I feel everyone should pick up a pair.


My Fetish for Clowns & Being Vulnerable

Written by Barney

Barney in clown kink gear, holding a fake pie while wearing very large white gloves.

Vulnerability is hard. Being vulnerable always involves some level of discomfort, whether that’s a fear of rejection, anxiety over expectation, or the visceral, gut-wrenching, grip-around-your-heart feeling of knowing this long deep-hidden part of yourself is now out there in the world. My name is Barney and I get turned on by clowns. Follow along as I share my journey towards self-acceptance and why I feel conversations around vulnerability and niche kinks are so important.

Master Pup Atlas in a Northshore megamax tab style brief adult plastic diaper.

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Cartoon Review: Care Bears the Movie 2

Written by Pup Faun

Screenshot image from the Care Bares 2 movie.

I’m sure you know about the Care Bears, but did you know that they were once babies too? That’s right! We get the story of this in the 1986 classic sequel to the Care Bears Movie. So kiddos, grab your plushies and your TV remotes, cause today we’re gonna talk about “Care Bears Movie II: The New Generation.”

4 pups in their hoods and PlayTyme t-shirts standing under a wooden gate.

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Being a Padded Raver feat. Enoch | Newsie’s Nook Ep. 38

Newsies Nook Podcast Cover Art

In preparation for EDC, Newsie sits down with his friend Enoch to learn about what it takes to be a padded raver. They go over tips on going to a rave or music festival padded, humiliating stories of going through security, and a topic that doesn’t get discussed a lot; how to do drugs safely.


Sex & Kink | RecessTyme S2 Ep. 10

RecessTyme Cover Art

This week, Dillian & Griff discuss the difference between sex and kink, as well as some other fetishes they enjoy. After the break, they talk about safewords, consent, and share some personal stories.


Kink Word Search #1

Created by Barney

Kink themed word search


Pup Amour

CEO and Founder of PlayTyme