PlayTyme Holiday Gifting Guide (2022)

Style Nov 23, 2022

It’s here! Holiday time. We’ve passed Halloween, and now here it is, looming and getting very quickly nearer. And holiday time means it’s also Black Friday time! So we at PlayTyme are here to help you with ALL of your gifting needs this season with our Black Friday Sale. Everything you need for your pup, abdl, or other kink friends. And don’t forget a little gift for the most important person this holiday, YOU!

So, I could break down all of our Black Friday bundles through confusing words, or I could just refer to this fancy and convenient poster we have showing them (featuring the PlayTyme gang members, of course). There’s the option of a free gift with purchase, a couple of 10% off bundles, and even a 15% off bundle and free shipping over $70! So please take a careful look at the deals poster, and then I’m going to take you through all of the items in the Premium Bundle and even touch on our cloth diapers through Threaded Armor! (Unfortunately, the Threaded Armor items aren’t a part of the bundles, but they are still great gifts!)



Our Tee Shirts are super soft and comfy and come in various styles! Have you seen all of them? My favorite is the “Hanky Bones Tee,” which isn’t pictured here; plus, we have all of our new PlayTyme Gang member tees available, like the Team Niki one down in the bottom right corner of the picture! I know I’m going to be grabbing one of the crayon-pride shirts, which also come in bi-pride, trans-pride, and other pride colors!



Don’t be sleeping on that shoe game this season! I think our shoes are some of the coolest things on the website. They come in a slip-on or high-top style and have the cutest lil’ feeling patterns. We’re hoping to add more patterns soon! Let us know what type of shoe patterns you might like to see in upcoming releases!


One of our strongest staples in the PlayPack! It’s a large, sturdy, ADORABLE, and stylish backpack with waterproof pouches, elastic on the side pockets to hold items in, and plenty of room for everything you’ll need during a play date with a friend. The PlayPacks have truly become such an important part of my wardrobe. Other than being amazing for storage on days when I’m off to kink events, I also take them on picnics with friends and on hikes and often pack them with items to get me through a long work day. I personally have the Lavender and Pre-K PlayPacks, but here are a couple of other colors below. Also, keep a lookout for new PlayPack designs hitting the shop! I know a cute design for pups is coming very soon!


Is there anything comfier than sweatpants and a good hoodie? Especially as we slip further and further into winter when coziness and warmth become fashion requirements. Well, we’ve got you covered there, too (literally), with our incredibly comfortable sweats. I have a pair of purple and pink pants (called the “Plum Love Joggers” in the shop), and they are like walking around in an actual cloud. The colors are so vibrant, even after washing them a bunch of times, and from the perspective of an ABDL, they’re incredible. They slip over my diaper perfectly, and I even find that if my diaper does end up leaking, it doesn’t show up as a huge wet spot on the outside of the pants. If you’re looking for warmth, comfort, and cuteness, I say look no further.


Last (but CERTAINLY not least) are the cloth diapers we have through Threaded Armor! These are truly game-changers! If you’ve never worn a cloth diaper, no judgement! It took me years to get into a cloth diaper. And although I still love a good disposable diaper, there’s a special comfort to the cloth diaper that I crave now. It’s soft and holds you in like a padded hug. Also, this kind just goes on like regular briefs, or a pull up! No confusing snaps or safety pins are involved. Personally, I've found that cloth diapers hold a little less for me than disposable in general, but these are the best cloth diapers I’ve personally experienced, and I haven’t had a leak yet! (And as a disclaimer, I am a SUPER soaker). We’re currently working with their parent company, SuperUndies, to be able to bring you more PlayTyme-specific designs, so keep a lookout for those! The first one might be a design that’s used in other items in our shop. Can you guess which one it might be?


So I hope this small guide through our items has helped you make some gifting decisions for this holiday season! Or even if you want to stock up on PlayTyme items for yourself, this is absolutely the best time of the year because it’s when our best sales are available. As I’ve mentioned lately, please keep a lookout for changes in our shop, and also, there will be some general changes coming to the website and an upgrade to our app! We have a lot of exciting things coming your way in the new year, and we’re very excited to end 2022 with a strong PlayTyme community around us. So you don’t have to scroll all the way back up, I’m putting the Black Friday Deals poster in again at the very end of the article, and oh! Look at this! A handy link straight to our PlayTyme shop!

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From all of us at PlayTyme, Happy Holidays, and thank you so much for being a reader, a customer, and a friend.