NorthShore: Wipes and Disposable Bags Product Review

Style Jun 18, 2022

Through all of the colorful and playful ABDL companies out there lately (ourselves included!), there is one company that has stood strong and proud in the background for a while, like a supportive big brother. NorthShore is a company that focuses on the quality of their products and wants to make sure they are providing the best protection in adult diapers possible. Founded with the goal to destigmatize weak bladder control and incontinence, in the past few years they have extended that destigmatization campaign to include accepting and normalizing the ABDL lifestyle within the incontinent community.

Northshore began almost 20 years ago. In fact, their 20th anniversary is this July 1st, 2022! After experiencing some illnesses in his family, the founder, Adam Greenburg, saw a need for incontinence products that could be reliable while also remaining discrete for daily use, and decided to make it happen. Their message says one thing loud and clear: they want to help you make diaper use anything you want or need it to be, except embarrassing. And their mission statement feels both humble and inspiring:

“[To] Improve the quality of life for those managing incontinence by offering life-changing premium products.”  -NorthShore
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While they still have that commitment to offering products that can be discreet, they’ve also grown a lot in the last 20 years, becoming one of the top companies in our community for quality and convenience, while also increasing their interest and accessibility in “fashionable” diapers. They even recorded a fashion show last year for their line of MEGAMAX tab-style briefs, which you can find on their YouTube channel.

But, practical and fashionable diapers aren’t all they have. Their website has a treasure trove of tips and resources about incontinence through their blog, and they offer a wide range of different lining pads, bed pads, diaper covers, wipes, and disposal bags. They also have a “Product Finder” on their website, which helps you find what products may work well for your specific needs through 5 quick questions.

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And yes, that’s right, at the bottom of the list there you DO see a section titled “ABDL Diapers”. They have a whole page where they have collected their products geared towards the ABDL community.

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Not only that, but the cover image for their ABDL products page is the same image they use for a blog post they have all about ABDLs. Who we are, what ABDL means, and even includes what types of diapers are best for our lifestyle. (You can find that blog post at: ). If that wasn’t enough, they also have a separate blog post for non-ABDL diaper wearers to help explain to them who we as ABDLs, and in turn why some adult-diaper prints, are looking more “babyish” lately.

While we know that diapers are the most essential part of an ABDL lifestyle, and I will be talking about the Northshore MEGAMAX and newer MEGAMAX Air diapers in a different article, there are a lot of other creams, powders, and products needed to maintain a healthy diaper area, and today I’ll be focusing on two of their products that help with cleanliness and disposal: their “Supreme Quilted Wipes” and “DiscreetShield Disposal Bags” for changing times.

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Symbols stand for Hypoallergenic, Unscented, and Unisex

Fun fact: the Northshore “Supreme Quilted Wipes” are one of the first products of theirs that I used! After a caregiver taped me up tightly into a MEGAMAX and right before sending me back to my big boy world, he gave me a small sample pack of the wipes he had used with me, which happened to be the Northshore wipes. That sample pack was only 10 wipes, which they also call their “travel pack”, and are the perfect size to throw in a diaper bag for day trips. But now I buy them in the full 50 count pack, because I'm obsessed with them.

I love these because they are extremely practical, built strong and soft, with both aloe and Calendula for your skin, while also being very babyish. For me, the X-Large size (9x13 in or 22x32cm) and the quilted pattern really heighten my ABDL headspace, making diaper changes a magical experience.

They aren’t just for change time though, the wipes can be used for any part of the body and are super great for snack time and play time, providing an easy wipe up when mouths or hands get a little too messy, without interrupting the activity. They do warn that you shouldn't flush the wipes though, they should be disposed of in the diaper pail after use. However if you’re not near the diaper pail, because the need for a change can happen anywhere, they also offer a clever solution for disposal on the go with their “DiscreetShield Disposal Bags”

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Symbol stands for: Disposable

An amazing product for all littles and caregivers to keep on hand, the NorthShore disposal bags come in packs of 25 count, which are the easiest to throw into a diaper bag, but can also come in a case of 150 count or even 1000 count! They look like just a regular blue trash bag, are big enough to fit a full diaper and everything used during a change and are scented, so even a big diaper blowout will be safely contained in these bags.

It can feel rude and embarrassing to leave a dirty diaper in a public restroom/changing room trash can, but with the DiscreetShield bags, the entire change can go with you, and be safely disposed of in a larger garbage can, or even taken all the way home and thrown away with your own garbage. I have a friend who feels more comfortable taking their bags home with them to throw away, so as not to impose on any public maintenance workers in any way, and these bags are perfect for storing in a backpack, for as long as you need, without leaving any lingering odor.

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To wrap this all up (yes, a bad disposable bag joke), Northshore is knowledge and adaptable staple of our community, and they really do care. While they’re already 20 years in, I think we are just at the beginning of the amazing and innovative products they will be able to provide for us and I am excited to see how they continue to care for us, and everyone who needs incontinence protection, ABDL or not. To keep up with their very active and informative blog, bookmark this link,!

Thank you so much for being a PlayTyme reader and keep a lookout for my next Northshore review, talking more specifically about their incredible MEGAMAX Air diapers. Finally, in the loving words of the Northshore company, “Be Dry. Be Confident. Be You.”