Newsie's Nook

A safe space podcast hosted by Newsiebaby, who attempts to talk about news and niches in the kink community, all while keeping his pants dry (sometimes 😉).

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MFF Recap, Public Humiliation 101 feat. Joseph The Humiliated Jock

This week Newsie gets a quick recap of Midwest FurFest aka MFF from Baby Joey aka Saturn. Then Newsie sits down with the Humiliated Jock to get their perspective on public humiliation.

Getting Stinky feat. Pup Skunk

This week Newsie talks about the social media platform HIVE, the optional alternative to twitter. Then he gets stinky with Pup Skunk!

Talkin Diapers & Twitter feat. Pup Amp & Mr. Kristofer

This week, Newsie takes a moment of silence to honor the victims of the Club Q shooting in Colorado Springs, CO. Then he sits down with Watts the Safeword's Pup Amp and his daddy Mr. Kristofer to talk about the ABDL fetish, wearing diapers, and their thoughts on the future of twitter.

The Big Top

Fetish artist and pornographer Barney, also known as the Muckle Stoater, sits down to discuss niche kinks and paraphilias, as well as the ups, downs and weird roads to self-acceptance those of us with them can travel.

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I Have A Fantastic Willy feat. Pup Drake

This week Barney gets Pup Drake on the podcast to have an unhinged conversation about pup events, kinky relationships and the Addams Family. After the break, they talk more about Drake's wide array of kinks and maintaining kinky friendships.

Sticky Mess of Desperation feat. dprstyle

Hallo, Leute! This week, dprstyle joins Barney under the Big Top to talk about his journey into kink and early experiences, as well as his creative, fashionably branded diapers. After the break, they discuss the end of Twitter and what it means for the kink community, the importance of solidarity and of defending the visibility of kinksters.

Wholesome Softcore feat. Little Puppy Jacey

Arfy! This week, Barney is joined by Jacey to talk all about accessing little puppy space and building the confidence to be yourself. Jacey shares his coming out experience and gives advice on tackling nerves when attending events.