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A safe space podcast hosted by Newsiebaby, who attempts to talk about news and niches in the kink community, all while keeping his pants dry (sometimes 😉).

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The SummerCAP Explainer feat. Ellexy

This week, Newsie sits down with the President of the Board for CAPcon, Ellexy, to get the inside scoop on CAPCon's new event, SummerCAP.

Vibin with Babyfur Musician Daxbak | Ep. 42

This week Newsie goes over the recent proposal from one Texas lawmaker to ban drag shows in the presence of minors. Then Newsie sits down with fuzzy virtual musician Daxbak to talk about his music and the differences between furries and babyfurs.

Kink at Pride? A Paw-tastic conversation with Kieran Hound LA Pup 2022 | Ep. 41

Happy Pride Month! This week, Newsie goes over the question: Does Kink Belong At Pride. Then, Newsie sits down with Kieran Hound, LA Pup 2022, to go over this question as well as diversity within kink communities.


Join Dillian Blake and Pup Griff as they discuss what life is like as kinksters and dive deep into the various misconceptions society holds towards ABDL (adult baby/diaper lover), Pup Play (also known as Pet Play or Puppy Play), and much more!

Yellin' Timburr! | S2 Ep. 11

In this week's special episode, Timburr returns to sit down with Dillian as they reminisce over past events they've been to together. After the break, both share childhood memories that have influenced them today.

Sex & Kink | S2 Ep. 10

This week, Dillian & Griff discuss the difference between sex and kink, as well as some other fetishes they enjoy. After the break, they talk about safewords and consent and share some personal stories.

Puppin' Around feat. Pup Timburr | S2 Ep. 9

Dillian and Griff sit down with alpha pup Timburr to talk about his kinky journey and being a little puppy. After the break, Timburr talks about childhood experiences and the pups that influenced his journey.