Newsie's Nook

A safe space podcast hosted by Newsiebaby, who attempts to talk about news and niches in the kink community, all while keeping his pants dry (sometimes πŸ˜‰).

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The High of Kinks feat. Bandit and Dakota

This week, Newsie sits down with his two favorite stoners Bandit and Dakota to go over the their love of weed, kinks and how those play a role in their relationship. Then Newsie tells his unfortunate story of going to Disneyland padded.

Dreamin about Kinky Dreamzzz Diapers feat. Baby Brett

This week Newsie baby sits down with Kinky Dreamzzz's Baby Brett to talk about his company that makes diapers that look just like the ones you grew up with, but they fit adults.

Inside the ABDL Vice News Episode feat. Mommy Kat Marie & Caitlin

This week Newsie sits down with Mommy Kat Marie and her little Caitlin about their experience being in the Vice News episode about ABDLs.

The Big Top

Fetish artist and pornographer Barney, also known as the Muckle Stoater, sits down to discuss niche kinks and paraphilias, as well as the ups, downs and weird roads to self-acceptance those of us with them can travel.

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Scat & Vulvas & Humping, Oh My! feat. SexEdWithTim

After last week's episode, Barney decided to get in contact with Tim, a sex educator who talks all things anatomy and where our sex education falls short. Tim also shares some experiences of sex work and discusses why we need to be more open about kink in sex. Content warning: this episode contains descriptions of scat play.

Should I Be Getting Fisted? feat. Chris

In an unexpected turn, this week's guest decides to speak candidly about why he's taking a step back from social media and the importance of prioritising one's mental health, with a reminder that what you see online isn't real. After the break, Barney and Chris touch on the importance of sexual health, sex education and community.

HEE-HAWWW!!! feat. DonkeyDope

HEE-HAWWW!!! In this episode, Barney is joined by DonkeyDope who talks all things donkeyboys and why they’re becoming so popular! After the break, they talk more about where transformation kinks come from and end with a good bray.