Kinkymon: Gotta Dom ‘em All!

Community Aug 9, 2022

One of the first art pieces I ever drew as The Muckle Stoater was a Pokémon-inspired drawing of the game through a kinky lens. I’d put off posting it for a little while, as I wanted to post full drawings before dropping a piece of pixel art, but it remains one of the few pieces on my Instagram that isn’t a commission.

I’ve always loved the colour-coding systems of franchises like Power Rangers and Pokémon lore just lent itself brilliantly to the implementation of a kinky game. Sex toys could inflict status conditions, pressing the right buttons could endear someone to you, it was perfect!


Once I did post it, the discourse online quickly turned to how else the world of Pokémon could be translated into a kinky context. What would kinky types look like? What about items and battling? Before long, I had come up with a system using Pokémon’s types and battle mechanics as a base.

My idea was that you play as a Dom in a world full of subs (the requisite ‘Kinkymon’). You can battle other Doms and their subs and dominate subs to add them to your ‘found family’ - my version of a Pokémon team.


Just like in Pokémon, there are 18 types of sub and subs can be dual-type. Each type supplants one from Pokémon with a kink that the sub has.


The Wax, ABDL and Medical types are naturally based on wax, ABDL and medical play respectively, and are analogous to Fire, Water and Grass. Electro and Foot are naturally analogous to Electric and Ground, while Musk and Pup seemed like decent replacements for the ubiquitous Bug and Rock types.

Gainers are Kinkymon’s version of the Normal type (inspired by Snorlax) and Psychic became the Voyeur type. Flying became the Furry type (where else do you see birds in kink?) and the Fighting type became the Vore type. Bondage seemed fitting for a Steel type replacement and Dark and Poison became Leather and Rubber.

Finally, I decided to balance it out by replacing Ice and Ghost with Roleplay and Gimp, landing on Daddy as my version of the Dragon type and Clown (which I just had to include) as my version of the Fairy type. They both seemed fitting, Clown being a whimsical type that could cover many other facets of colourful kink and Daddy type subs being the hardest to dominate.

Naturally, this means their strengths and weaknesses remain the same, as attempting to rebalance them with the new logic of kinks is too much work for now. There is also a 19th "type" which simply demonstrates the lack of a type, based on the discontinued ‘???’ type. I called this the Vanilla type.

Using moves and items, the aim of the game would be to dominate each and every sub, who can take on new forms with gear; my analogy for evolution.


I figured I’d replace Gym Leaders with Dungeon Owners, who each specialise in a particular type of kink in their Dungeons and have to be defeated by putting your subs against theirs in a session. The ability to arouse, dominate or subdue the other would all be determined by how the kink types interact and by how you command them to use their kinky moves.

I figured each Dungeon and their Owner could be themed around a particular breed of kinkster and their chosen fetish, such as a gear enthusiast or a hypno expert. The Dungeons themselves could range from bondage apparatus to a daycare for Littles. I liked the idea of one of them being some kind of mad scientist stereotype, experimenting on his subs with weird and wonderfully-concocted kinky scenarios and untested pleasure toys.


The idea behind the types was that a variety of kinks could be represented by type match-ups. Leather and Rubber types would easily go well with the Gimp type, for example. A Musk/Foot type sub would make a lot of sense, as would a Daddy/ABDL type. It would even be fun to express that typing both as a more traditional ABDL Daddy and as a Little who also likes being Big.

I even started to think what types my friends would be. The number of Musk, ABDL and Gimp dual types paired with the Pup type would fill out a good portion of the Kinkydex. I would of course be the Clown type, but I started imagining what forms I could take to express my other kinks and what a Clown/ABDL or Clown/Pup type might look like.

Babyfurs could be ABDL/Furry type, gunge and wet and messy players could be a fun mix of the Clown and Wax types. Watersports players could be expressed by a combination of the Musk, Medical or ABDL types and an ABDL/Musk type could be used to describe a sub into messing.

Who knows? Maybe a game like this could actually be a great way to introduce, destigmatise and educate people about kinks.