11 polaroid style photos laid about to create a collage.

Kink Instant Photography

Style Jun 4, 2022

A collection of instant-photos feat. pup play gear, an ABU diaper, and some PlayTyme apparel.

All photos were taken on Fujifilm Instax brand cameras: SQ6, Mini 7s, and Mini 90 Neo Classic.
3 instant phots of Austin wear PlayTyme apparel.
Two instant photos of Austin with friends; everyone is wearing their own pup hoods.
Three instant photos of Austin wearing ABU's Little Kings. The first photo is in a laying down pose while the second is in a crawling pose with his butt to the camera. And the final photo shows the front design for the Little Kings basking in the sun while everything else is casted in a shadow.
Three instant photos of Austin wearing different pup hoods and harnesses. One of the pup hoods is solid black while the other emulates a skull.