Diapering Up (By Yourself!)

Culture Oct 5, 2022

Y'all, I’ve made a huge mistake. I’ve only realized it now, and it feels so obvious. I’ve been assuming this whole time that our newsletter was only being read by diaper Daddies and padded adult babies. Or at least readers that were familiar with that type.

But then it dawned on me, thinking about the many different kinks that Barney is exploring in his podcast The Big Top (on Apple Podcasts and Spotify! Shameless plug. But it's SO GOOD), that there’s a possibility I could be typing to someone who has never tried a diaper before, or maybe has had an experience with a diaper in a scene, but hasn’t tried them alone. The possibilities of who could be reading are really endless- which is a thought that made me stare off into space for a while.

Screen Shot 2022-10-04 at 12.52.34 PM.png

So! I’ve decided to do a how-to guide for all of the budding babies and curious kinksters on how to diaper yourself up. For those who don’t have a daddy around (or maybe don't want one. Independent baby!), for those who might be scared to try, and for those who have never thought about it before but find themselves wanting to know more, here’s a little step-by-step on putting on an adult diaper by yourself. It can feel daunting at first. We've all been there! So hopefully, this helps to ease that a bit.

-Make sure you do anything needed pre-diapering to help you feel clean and comfortable (A shower, body lotion, A&D ointment, etc.). If you do shower beforehand, give your skin some time to dry before getting diapered up.

-Start by finding a comfortable diapering space. For me, this is my bed, a large soft zone that I can stretch out on.

-Lay down a towel, if desired.

-Put your favorite adult diaper onto the bed/towel. Also, add your stuffer if you’re using one. It isn't needed, just fun!

-Lay down onto the diaper, and position yourself, so it's comfortable.

-Add baby powder to your diaper area.

-A little TMI, but for babies with a penis, the question of “pointing up or down” always comes up. Everyone has their own opinion, but I find I get much better use out of my diapers if I point my penis down. I’ll stop using the word penis now; thank you for bearing with me.

-Fold the top of the diaper over your crotch and (going by the assumption you're using a 4-tape diaper) start with the bottom tapes first. That's important to start with because the bottom tapes determine the tightness around your thighs, which can affect your motion and possible leaks.

-Then tape up the top tapes! Make sure it feels snug

-Usually, at this point, I’ll stand up and shuffle the diaper around a little bit and mess with the tapes until it feels perfectly comfortable.

-Voila! You’re done! What a good job, baby.


Another area that gets unexpectedly nerve-racking is changing a diaper in public. Sometimes it's impossible to avoid. When you know that if the diaper is filled anymore, it's going to leak, and a change is urgent. For a good amount of time, I was changing in public almost every day because I would get to the danger point around the time I was ending my work day, and I knew my diaper wouldn’t be able to last through my bus-to-train commute home.

I was lucky enough to find a space with a designated private “changing room” near the restrooms. But that was in a large mall space and is the only one I've been lucky enough to find, but mostly you’ll be dealing with small bathroom stall spaces where it feels like your diaper is LOUDER THAN IT’S EVER BEEN, and everyone around you knows what’s up.


So step one is to breathe through that fear and remind yourself that probably no one knows (or cares) what’s going on in your bathroom stall (they’re worried about their own). It’s also important to be prepared, so you’re going to want a diaper-bag (backpack) packed with an extra diaper, powder (not entirely needed on an on-the-go change, but if you would like it), a plastic bag to dispose of your old diaper, and baby wipes.

There aren’t many extra “steps” for diapering yourself in a bathroom stall, just mainly tips.

-Start by removing your old diaper and putting it in the plastic bag.

-Use the baby wipes and also put them in the plastic bag. Unless you have any other trash, you should be able to tie off the bag now.

-Powder yourself lightly (if desired) over the toilet.

-Personally, the easiest way I’ve found to diaper myself in this situation is to put the diaper between my legs, sit down on the toilet, and then tape up, starting with the bottom tapes and then the top tapes. The tapes might also sound loud, but it’s just for a few seconds!

-Stand up and adjust until it feels entirely comfortable.

-You did it!


Now for disposal, I usually take the plastic bag out of the restroom and throw it away into an outdoor trash can. I know someone who packs his old diapers up very carefully and takes them home to dispose of, so no public service workers have to deal with his ABDL waste. If you’re going to try that, I would recommend using the NorthShore brand “DiscreetShield Disposal Bags,” which I’ve written about in a past newsletter!

Screen Shot 2022-10-04 at 12.47.42 PM.png

So I hope this has helped! Figuring out how to diaper yourself, or take care of those things in a public space, can both be scary when it's time to actually do them. I speak from personal experience. But it’s a learning process! It's something you get used to, figure out what feels comfortable for yourself, and eventually becomes a personal routine that feels peaceful and ethereal.

Past PlayZine NorthShore Review Article by me: https://www.playtyme.co/northshore-wipes-and-disposable-bags-product-review/

NorthShore DiscreetShield Disposal Bags: https://www.northshorecare.com/shop-for/caregiving-essentials/disposal-bags-pails/northshore-discreetshield-disposal-bags