Diapered Skincare with the PlayTyme Team: Part 4

Community Jul 19, 2022

We decided to ask the members of the PlayTyme team to explain how they protect themselves from rashes and other skincare-based questions. Each release of the newsletter will feature one of our own answering the questions. This week we have Zevion, the creator of this series and our Community Administrator, answering to the best of his ability. See if you have the same skincare methods!

Before Starting

🤔 Are there any types of products you apply before getting padded?

Do you have any special routines that you go through?

Targeted areas such as inner thighs, hips, or leg cuffs.

I generally use Johnson's Baby Oil, applied directly to the skin using gloves (to prevent any issues while taping).

Do you take a shower or bath beforehand? If so does this contribute in some way to the routine?

I generally don’t have a special daily routine, but often two to three times a week, I’ll take a spa bath. This consists of blending Epsom salts, bath bombs, and other products I have on hand, resulting in extremely soft skin as my hips tend to dry out from plastic-backed diapers.

Can you identify what each product’s intended use is?

Johnson’s Baby Oil is for gently moisturizing soft, smooth skin, the Epsom salts enhance the water with Vitamin A, B, C & E, Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera, and more.

Will anything mentioned damage the clothing I wear?

Products can sometimes interact with the chemicals of the diaper’s print to rub off onto your clothing, causing them to stain.

I’ve never experienced any issues with the products and damaging my clothing, even had instances of any and all of my mentioned products coming into contact.

How affordable are these methods?

Prices are always subject to the area you live in, even the type of product can vary, however currently in California, all of these products can be found easily at local stores for roughly under $5.00 a product.

How accessible are the products? Can they be accessed locally or do you need to order them from an online store?

Considering I’m always looking for those deals and found that the products I use can be found in the more common stores like Walmart, Target, or Safeway.

Do you do anything special to the padding before putting it on?

I’ve heard of multiple ways to apply both baby powder & oils, can you tell us what your method is?

Occasional pre-fluffing, strategic diaper folding while fastening, tucking certain areas of the diaper to meet my body’s curvature, and making sure the symmetrical features of the layout are maximized.

Aftercare Situation

😌 How do you treat your skin once you’ve taken it off?

Commonly people like to jump into the shower real fast and dry off, however, some have been known to just change right into another.

How do you feel about this? Are there any concerns in regards to back-to-back wearing?

After each wear, I generally shower and air out for about an hour before, letting any excess sweat/water moisture dry off before I put another one on. Unfortunately the drawback of how strong certain polymer activations can be, I cannot go back-to-back as it results in a very dry unpleasant nether region.

For that matter, do you believe in a maximum amount of time that one should stay in the same diaper?

Used or Not?

I’ve managed to stay in a diaper for over 12 hours, on both dare and choice accounts, leakage, taping, and clump issues were not of any real consequence however, I believe that after six to eight hours; due to it basically acting in the same way as salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and lactic acid it can break down the surface layer of skin it would be risky to not at least rinse after extended wearing.

Cloth vs Plastic?

Plastic for life, I mean that sound a diaper makes when someone’s tightly rubbing your butt cannot be reproduced when wearing cloth, and I need those humiliating experiences at times.

Do you use additional products for this phase of your routine?

Topical cream, salves, oil, or anything of the sort.

No answer.

Have you ever experienced rather itchy or dried skin around the hips or leg cuffs?

Larger individuals tend to experience a chaffing sort of sensation during regular movement, do you know of ways to help resist that?

Only issue I can think of is taping too tight causes your hips to experience more than necessary friction between skin and plastic.

What do you do if you believe you’ve developed a rash?

Especially in a scenario where you cannot go without wearing.

No answer.

Cooling Down

How long do go “naked” in-between changing?

[x]  0-2 Hours

Either for medical, personal, or “assisted” reasons.

I generally only take an hour or so in between wearing to air out and tend to my skin.

[ ]  3-5 Hours

You like to “air out” a little between sessions or just want to take a longer break from wearing.

[ ]  Over five hours at times

Rather than being padded too often, you enjoy taking long breaks in between.


Pup Amour

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