Diapered Skincare with the PlayTyme Team: Part 2

Community Jul 2, 2022

We decided to ask the members of the PlayTyme team to explain how they protect themselves from rashes and other skincare based questions. Each release of the newsletter will feature one of our own answering the questions. This week we have Pup Faun, our PlayZine Writer, answering to the best of his ability. See if you have the same skincare methods!

Before Starting

🤔 Are there any types of products you apply before getting padded?

Do you have any special routines that you go through?

Targeted areas such as inner thighs, hips, or leg cuffs.

I like for my skin to be dry when I put my diaper on, so I usually don't put on any creams or lotions before my diaper, but if I have some diaper rash going on, which for me usually happens in my inner thigh area, I’ll put on A&D ointment. And of course, I always put on a good amount of baby powder, from my crotch to my backside.

Do you take a shower or bath beforehand? If so does this contribute in some way to the routine?

I don’t take a shower or bath before padding up, I would rather do that when I'm finished with my diaper. When I put my diaper on I like my skin to feel dry.

Can you identify what each product’s intended use is?

I use A&D Ointment and Cornstarch Baby Powder. No specific brands though.

Will anything mentioned damage the clothing I wear?

Products can sometimes interact with the chemicals of the diaper’s print to rub off onto your clothing, causing them to stain.

I don’t believe either of these products will damage clothing! The A&D Ointment might leave some oily feeling spots on the insides of your pants, but that can always be remedied with a quick laundry wash. And of course, the baby powder might leave some white residue on dark clothing, but can be wiped away.

How affordable are these methods?

Both of these products are very affordable! You can find many brands of baby powder and A&D Ointment at your local stores.

How accessible are the products? Can they be accessed locally or do you need to order them from an online store?

You can find both of the products in local stores! But there are also many more brands available online, if you shop that way.

Do you do anything special to the padding before putting it on?

I’ve heard of multiple ways to apply both baby powder & oils, can you tell us what your method is?

Personally, I don’t do anything special to my diaper before putting it on. I pull it out of the pack, lay it out on my bed, and pad up. I have heard of methods of fluffing your diaper, to make it feel poofier when you tape up, but that's not something I usually remember to do.

Aftercare Situation

😌 How do you treat your skin once you’ve taken it off?

Commonly people like to jump into the shower real fast and dry off, however, some have been known to just change right into another.

How do you feel about this? Are there any concerns in regards to back-to-back wearing?

If I have time, I do like to rinse off quickly with soap and water, put on some lotion, and let my skin dry before putting on my next diaper, but there have been plenty of times, especially when away from home, that I have to change straight from one diaper into the next. I don’t think this is a big deal, as long as I have my lotion, A&D Ointment, and baby powder, to do a quick re-up on my skin protection routine, before taping up my new diaper.

For that matter, do you believe in a maximum amount of time that one should stay in the same diaper?

Used or Not?

I don't believe there’s a maximum amount of time that one can stay in a diaper! Just as long as it continues making you happy. I know friends who will put a new diaper over their used diaper when they need to change, to just be able to hold more. But personally, I only stay in a diaper for about 8 hours at the very most. I like to end my padded fun with a good bath, so that usually puts a time limit on my diaper wearing, until it’s bath time in the evening.

Cloth vs Plastic?

While I do have a couple of cloth diapers and I enjoy them, unfortunately I do find that they don’t last as long for me when it comes to keeping in my sog, but they’re still awesome. For plastic-backed diapers I find that (when I’m drinking my correct amount of water) they last about 7-8 hours for me at the very most.

Do you use additional products for this phase of your routine?

Topical cream, salves, oil, or anything of the sort.

At this point, after taking a shower/bath and washing my skin and letting it dry, I use some regular lotion, nothing special to it. If I’m changing from one diaper into the next, I'll use baby wipes to clean, then the lotion, and then the A&D Ointment and baby powder that I mentioned before.

Have you ever experienced rather itchy or dried skin around the hips or leg cuffs?

Larger individuals tend to experience a chaffing sort of sensation during regular movement, do you know of ways to help resist that?

I have experienced this! Especially around my inner thighs. That’s why I use the A&D Ointment before using the diaper as a prevention, but you can also put it on those spots after you’ve taken your diaper off, to help soothe and repair the dry skin.

What do you do if you believe you’ve developed a rash?

Especially in a scenario where you cannot go without wearing.

When I get a rash, I tend to wear a little less, and I use a lot of the lotion and A&D Ointment. At least for me, I haven't needed to use anything stronger than regular A&D Ointment/Aquaphor, but there are stronger options online if the regular kind isn’t working for you.

Cooling Down

How long do go “naked” in-between changing?

[x]  0-2 Hours

Either for medical, personal, or “assisted” reasons.

I chose 2 options! Just because there have been times in my life where I wear 24/7, so during those periods I'm usually changing straight from one diaper to the next, or I’m spending less than an hour naked between diapers.

[ ]  3-5 Hours

You like to “air out” a little between sessions or just want to take a longer break from wearing.

[x]  Over five hours at times

Rather than being padded too often, you enjoy taking long breaks in between.

I also chose this option because I don't like to wear diapers at night, it keeps me from being able to sleep, so there’s always a break period for me when I’m asleep of about 8 hours.


Pup Amour

CEO and Founder of PlayTyme