Diapered Skincare with the PlayTyme Team: Part 3

Community Jul 12, 2022

We decided to ask the members of the PlayTyme team to explain how they protect themselves from rashes and other skincare-based questions. Each release of the newsletter will feature one of our own answering the questions. This week we have Casey, our Community Ops Manager and Editor-in-Chief of PlayZine, answering to the best of his ability. See if you have the same skincare methods!

Before Starting

🤔 Are there any types of products you apply before getting padded?

Do you have any special routines that you go through?

Targeted areas such as inner thighs, hips, or leg cuffs.

Powder, powder, and more powder!!! As someone who lives in Southern USA the heat combined with the humidity can become overwhelming. To help combat sweat in the diaper region I always have a layer of powder, usually Johnson’s sensitive skin, from my waist down to my inner thighs wrapped around like a present. Personally, I can’t use most creams or lotions as they can cause moist build-up and give me rashes. Kind of ironic given their purpose.

Do you take a shower or bath beforehand? If so does this contribute in some way to the routine?

I shower every morning then usually get into my daytime diaper. That way I can clean my off real good and start the day feeling super fresh. Just make sure you’ve completely dried off before applying products and diapering so that you prevent watering it down.

Can you identify what each product’s intended use is?

Cornstarch Baby Powder for sensitive skin for me, J&J is the easiest to come by at most stores. This helps keeps things dry to the best of their ability. Mainly in areas where sweat can build up to prevent rashes and chafing.

Will anything mentioned damage the clothing I wear?

Products can sometimes interact with the chemicals of the diaper’s print to rub off onto your clothing, causing them to stain.

No damage to clothing but you might have an embarrassing streak of powder on your clothes you didn’t know about. You can pat most powder off clothes and then finish up with a wet wipe. Don’t smear it in but brush it off with the wipe.

How affordable are these methods?

This is pretty affordable as you don’t necessarily have to buy the name brands. If you have sensitive skin just pay attention to the ingredients to see what your skin might be reacting to.

How accessible are the products? Can they be accessed locally or do you need to order them from an online store?

You find cornstarch-based powder pretty much anywhere that sells diapers.

Do you do anything special to the padding before putting it on?

I’ve heard of multiple ways to apply both baby powder & oils, can you tell us what your method is?

I have a very particular way to fluff up my pamps. Because most are machine packaged thus being pressed together tight you need to introduce air to the filling to make it puff up. Unfold the diaper and ensure the leak guards are standing correctly. You then want to fold it lengthwise down the center (hotdog bun style) and give it a twist both ways to help activate the core. Now hold the front side of the diaper on both sides of the waistband with the inside facing you, give it a flick like you’re getting wrinkles out of a towel you’re folding. Turn the diaper over and do the same with the backside. This will shoot air into the filling allowing it to puff up more, and in my opinion, allows absorption to happen quicker than purely folding it like instructed on most packaging. I usually put a light dusting of powder on the diaper itself just incase I missed a spot on myself.

Aftercare Situation

😌 How do you treat your skin once you’ve taken it off?

Commonly people like to jump into the shower real fast and dry off, however, some have been known to just change right into another.

How do you feel about this? Are there any concerns in regards to back-to-back wearing?

I wear back-to-back to help out with my medical issues. While I’d love to shower off my downstairs every time I change it’s just not reasonable. Using adult wipes, not the type advertised as flushable, helps clean you off pretty well so long as you do it properly. But you should shower daily if you wear back-to-back no exception to prevent rashes.

For that matter, do you believe in a maximum amount of time that one should stay in the same diaper?

Used or Not?

I think this is more up to the individual in question. Each person is different and so there’s no solid answer for it. You should be conscious of the leaks as brands differ on several facts dealing with proper absorbency. One thing that I do believe can affect wear time is how you’re staying hydrated as that affects the smell the most. If you’re drinking water the smell isn’t as noticeable and you can feel confident it going a little longer. I usually change every 5 hours and drink about 68 fl oz of water in a day.

Cloth vs Plastic?

I prefer plastic over cloth due to them not stretching at the wings as cloth does. I do wear cloth, mostly due to the heat, so I usually have to wear a cover or pair of underwear to help hold it up over time. Plastic also goes the longest before leakage compared to the cloth which can have an issue with it seeping through the shell itself.

Do you use additional products for this phase of your routine?

Topical cream, salves, oil, or anything of the sort.

Changes are really simple for me. A good wipe down, powder up, then put the diaper on. This works with a busy schedule.

Have you ever experienced rather itchy or dried skin around the hips or leg cuffs?

Larger individuals tend to experience a chaffing sort of sensation during regular movement, do you know of ways to help resist that?

If you’re wearing a plastic-backed diaper I recommend not only powdering your inner thighs but also the shell of the diaper running between your thighs. This has helped so much with preventing chaffing. Cloth-back diapers can cause irritation depending on the material the shell is made from. If you’re experiencing any irritation with them I recommend having something go over such as a pair of briefs, onesie, or diaper cover.

What do you do if you believe you’ve developed a rash?

Especially in a scenario where you cannot go without wearing.

My skin is very particular to the point that sweat in my butt crack can give me a rash. So I actually have prescription based powder I got from my doctor to help with any rash in those regions. They also provided me with a cream but that’s for the flatter areas of my skin.

Cooling Down

How long do go “naked” in-between changing?

[x]  0-2 Hours

Either for medical, personal, or “assisted” reasons.

I’m in the 24/7 boat to help manage my medical issues. So unless I’m in the shower there’s always a diaper on me. I can “air out” for a little bit between changes especially if I wet closer to the change. But I don’t want to spend the time cleaning up if I have an accident while “airing out”.

[ ]  3-5 Hours

You like to “air out” a little between sessions or just want to take a longer break from wearing.

[ ]  Over five hours at times

Rather than being padded too often, you enjoy taking long breaks in between.


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