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Diapered Skincare with the PlayTyme Team: Part 1

Community Jun 18, 2022

We decided to ask the members of the PlayTyme team to explain how they protect themselves from rashes and other skincare based questions. Each release of the newsletter will feature one of our own answering the questions. This week we have Barney, our Podcast Producer, answering to the best of his ability. See if you have the same skincare methods!

Before Starting

🤔 Are there any types of products you apply before getting padded?

Do you have any special routines that you go through?

Targeted areas such as inner thighs, hips, or leg cuffs.

I like to use a healthy heaping of baby powder. The smell and sensation make me feel automatically little and babyish and if, like me, you prefer feeling dry, it can be a good alternative to lotion. The easiest brand to get ahold of here is Johnson’s, but any brand will do! Doesn’t always help prevent chaffing if I’m out and about, but I definitely feel weird without it.

Do you take a shower or bath beforehand? If so does this contribute in some way to the routine?

I like to shower when I’m soggy. Sometimes that can be after one use, sometimes it’s by the end of a few hours. It completely depends on the situation and how long I’m padding up for, but I definitely recommend regular showering in between being padded in the interest of hygiene and skincare. I can definitely feel when my skin needs it.

Can you identify what each product’s intended use is?

I use the baby powder to help keep things dry and combat chaffing. I think the dryness adds to the absorbency to make wearing possible for longer, though I usually use one or two stuffers just because of how much I wet.

Will anything mentioned damage the clothing I wear?

Products can sometimes interact with the chemicals of the diaper’s print to rub off onto your clothing, causing them to stain.

Nothing I use is damaging to any clothing. Baby powder can easily be wiped off if it leaves white marks anywhere. My little likes to stay padded for long periods and has sensitive skin, so he applies Sudocrem to his thighs and inner groin before padding to avoid rashes, which is a white paste that can leave some marks but is also easily wiped off. I think the closest American equivalent would be Aquaphor.

How affordable are these methods?

Johnson’s Baby Powder is made easily obtainable at low cost and comes in a variety of sizes, priced by volume.

How accessible are the products?

Can they be accessed locally or do you need to order them from an online store?

Local pharmacies stock Johnson’s Baby Powder. In the UK, it’s readily available at any pharmacist or cosmetics shop. Johnson’s Baby are owned by Johnson & Johnson and retails in drug stores at similar pricing in the States, as far as I am aware.

Do you do anything special to the padding before putting it on?

I’ve heard of multiple ways to apply both baby powder & oils, can you tell us what your method is?

I always fluff the nappy to maximise absorbency. This involves folding it in half along its length from front to back, then gently pulling small sections along the ridge just enough to loosen and expand the absorbent pad. I then ruffle the whole thing so it gets nice and fluffy, giving me that nice, thick waddle-butt. Then I go nuts with the baby powder. I like to get it everywhere I can across my inner thighs, groin and bum. A puff of powder directed right at the arsehole is my specialty when padding littles. I find a small cloud of powder emanating from a padded butt when padded really adds to the babying experience.

Aftercare Situation

😌 How do you treat your skin once you’ve taken it off?

Commonly people like to jump into the shower real fast and dry off, however, some have been known to just change right into another.

How do you feel about this? Are there any concerns in regards to back-to-back wearing?

I like back-to-back wearing for the convenience of it, but I rarely wear for long stretches of time. The longest I’ve spent padded would be maybe the majority of a weekend and during that time I employed daily showers, even just to rinse off. A decent wipe down with some baby wipes ought to do the trick in a pinch.

For that matter, do you believe in a maximum amount of time that one should stay in the same diaper?

Used or Not?

I enjoy using my padding fully and trying to get the maximum absorbency out of it, even though I usually leak before that happens. The warm thickness of a swelling nappy forcing me to waddle is my favourite part of it, but if I’m wearing out I definitely want to be changing more regularly than when playing or at events. The longest I’ve managed to go without leaking is probably somewhere between four to six hours, though it really does depend on the brand holding my sog.

Cloth vs Plastic?

I’ve only ever used plastic-backed nappies and I don’t see myself trying cloth due to the amount I wet. From what I understand, cloth is inadvisable if you want to wear for longer periods.

Do you use additional products for this phase of your routine?

Topical cream, salves, oil, or anything of the sort.

I have pretty moist and robust skin, so normally go about my day just fine after taking off my padding, although I don’t usually feel quite right until I’ve showered the pee off of me. Regular soap does me just fine, but some people might want to apply some kind of moisturiser. If you’re wearing back-to-back, for longer periods or intend to mess, I would definitely recommend more sanitary products, including wipes and showering.

Have you ever experienced rather itchy or dried skin around the hips or leg cuffs?

Larger individuals tend to experience a chaffing sort of sensation during regular movement, do you know of ways to help resist that?

I have certainly experienced the dreaded chaffing whilst walking out and about with a full nappy on. It can get pretty painful. Stuffers and readjusting my pants have sometimes provided some minor relief and there are certainly ABDL apparel designed to put more fabric between skin and the plastic of the diaper. If you don’t mind them, creams such a Sudocrem can provide a moisturising barrier to help limit the amount of friction.

What do you do if you believe you’ve developed a rash?

Especially in a scenario where you cannot go without wearing.

My solution to chaffing has only ever been to remove my padding, shower and wait a while before wearing again. However, if you are unable to I would suggest looking into diaper rash creams. Many moisturizing lotions and oils that have anti-inflammatory properties should be able to help with a rash. Keeping something between your skin and padding is also a good idea where possible and I’ve found underpants tend to be good at getting between those thigh grooves to supply some extra fabric.

Cooling Down

How long do go “naked” in-between changing?

[]  0-2 Hours

Either for medical, personal, or “assisted” reasons.

[ ]  3-5 Hours

You like to “air out” a little between sessions or just want to take a longer break from wearing.

[x]  Over five hours at times

Rather than being padded too often, you enjoy taking long breaks in between.

Padding up is not as regular an occurrence for me, but something I enjoy doing for play, events or self-care. While I will often wear back-to-back for an occasion, I always return to my regular underwear outside of that and so spend far more time out of padding than I do in it.


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