CALLING ALL SUPERSOAKERS: A Review of NorthShore’s MegaMax Adult Diaper

Style Dec 10, 2022

So, a few months ago, I got some NorthShore MegaMax diapers to try and review. I also got their wipes and disposal bags, which I've already written about, but I’m embarrassed to admit that I ordered Medium diapers, and when they arrived, I instantly realized I should have ordered Smalls. A little tip, always double-TRIPLE check your measurements and the measurements on the site. I had been reckless, and now I was facing the consequences. This was extra frustrating because I was hoping to take some cute pictures to include with my review. But, in true Faun fashion, I threw the bag into my closet and entirely forgot about it.

Fast forward to just a few days ago when I was clearing some old clothes out of my closet and stumbled upon the bag again. I tried one of the white ones on, and even though the diaper was a little big on me and the tapes didn’t look quite right, it still fit snugly enough to put it to the test, so I decided to go for it.

Because this is a review about just one item, it’ll be a little shorter than usual! But trust me, these diapers are WORTH it.


So I will very openly admit that I’m a proud super-soaker. I get those diapers FULL. Something about the feel of a dry diaper makes me pee immediately, and usually, once I get a diaper on, I also crack open a gallon of Crystal Geyser water (not endorsing them. Just… that’s the water I like) and drink it. So I tend to flood diapers in heavy waves. Because of this, I’ve unfortunately dealt with a good amount of leaks before. This diaper holds. MegaMaxes have NorthShore’s Maximum Absorbency and can easily last all day, even for soakers like me. They also have Leak Guards around the leg cuffs for extra protection against strong wetters. The tapes held perfectly, even as everything got soggier and heavier. Plus, as a fan of plastic-backed diapers, I loved the feel of the outer material just as much as I loved all of the features inside the diaper!


Although the one I wore the other day was white (which I personally love! A good plain white diaper makes me feel very baby), I also have a couple of navy blue and a whole pack of pink MegaMaxes! Pink, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned, is one of my favorite colors. But you can also get them in a sleek black or a really fun rainbow tie dye! Personally, the tie-dye ones give me a big nostalgia hit because I had tie-dye sheets on my bed growing up.

Link to Northshore's site here.

While you’re there, definitely check out their other products too! A little while back, I wrote a review about their “Supreme Wipes” and their “DiscreetShield Disposal Bags.” I’ll add a link to my review as well!

And a link to my previous NorthShore review article for the PlayZine!

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Like I said, this is a pretty quick review because it’s just about one item, and I think it’s fairly obvious how much I LOVED the experience of the MegaMax diaper, so if this article keeps going, it’ll only be me gushing more praise towards NorthShore. Ultimately, if you really love the experience of a comfortable diaper that's able to hold A LOT, then the MegaMax is absolutely for you. Bonus pro tip, a couple of friends who regularly wear MegaMaxes told me that if you add in a diaper-stuffer (also available through NorthShore, their “Booster Pads”) to your MegaMax, the sog factor is out of this world. I don't currently have stuffers on hand, but I can’t wait to try that one out for myself.