Kink Photography in Public

Dillian runs through some helpful tips when taking kink photos in public. Like always being aware of your surrounding and making sure you're having fun overall.
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Kink Photography in Public

As a Kink Photographer 📸 One of the coolest yet most tricky ways of having super engaging pictures is filming in the Wild (Public), and while I’m capturing in public areas, I follow some guidelines that I’ve personally come up with.

Visualize the concept you’re trying to create. 🖼️

This could include drawing a rough sketch. It’s a very helpful brainstorming tool.

Consider locations that fit the idea of what you’re trying to accomplish.🤔

This will give you a variety of backgrounds to work with, effectively making each picture more unique

Research and explore your location first. 🔍

  • 💭 At what times of the day is this location ideal?
  • 🚦 What days does your location have more traffic?
  • ❓ How R-Rated are your pictures?
How often are the areas frequented by people and what are the best times to visit these spots?💭

Always be vigilant and aware of your surroundings. 👁️

  • You do not want to accidentally capture potentially offensive content and many locations will also be open to the public. As such, you’ll want to avoid things like graphic or obscene graffiti, non-consenting passers-by and anything else pulling focus from your shoot
Be aware of who is around you, especially if you plan on producing content that is considered NSFW.

Above all else, be respectful of those around you. 🤝

  • Be responsible, use your judgment and remember to consider the public.
  • Ensure you are not trespassing just to achieve “the right photo”. Do not construct a full set without permission and try not to make a scene during shoots.
  • Finally, never use content that you do not have the right to distribute

Final Thoughts 💭

  • Kink photography is awesome and can help you to stand out amongst kinksters!
  • So have fun with it!
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